The perfect blend of traditional training being developed by modern training methods

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Welcome to Functional Combat Mechanics

We are busy building a new site at present to represent the journey so far and for the future

The new site will be complete within the next few weeks and will provide you with a real insite to our thoughts and training methods.

This will allow you to make a really informed decision to train with us or not

Until then love laugh and train very hard and repeat

Jason Gowan

Coach and Martial Artist enjoying the journey

Functional Combat Mechanics is different to most wing chun clubs out there as we have spent time really looking at the Ving Tsun system and how it can be improved / trained for modern times.

Keys areas of development are Balance, Leverage, Targeting, Striking, Movement.

These are all developed through a module based coaching system.

Each Module builds on the previous and all neatly link together to make you grow into a very well rounded martial artist that is comfortable at all ranges.

All well as learning and progressing through the modules you will also learn the foundation and all traditional empty hand forms / weapons.

We also cover Dan Chi Sau / Lop Sau and Chi Sau or Connected Partner Training but these are applied and trained in a results based way.

Sriking to the pads with movement is also a big part of your development plan and Pad flows help to develop the key areas.

I coach the Wong Shun Leung / WSLVT method of Ving Tsun / Wing Chun and coach the training Cycles / Modules from Applied Body Mechanics Ving Tsun / ABMVT Ernie Barrios.
Functional Combat Mechanics aim is to provide excellent hands-on coaching and to assist in the development of practical combative survival skills in the real world.
Our training methods emphasise SIMPLICITY, DIRECTNESS and EFFICIENCY.

We seek to develop awareness, keen reflexes, logical thinking and above all else, structurally sound skills that are based upon scientifically provable concepts which actually work under real pressure

These are held weekly in Sutton, Surrey SM2

Every Monday and Thursday evenings from 7.15pm to 9.00pm

These training sessions are very hands on and are focussed on real world results and growth.

Supportive training partners who care about their and your own development.

Private Training Sessions Small group or one on one training times are available in time slots. Individually tailored training sessions to build on and improve every level of experience from beginner to advanced.

For more details and to book please call

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